Siddha framework is perhaps the most seasoned arrangement of prescription in India . The term Siddha implies accomplishments and Siddhars were principled people who accomplished outcomes in medication. Eighteen Siddhars were said to have contributed towards the improvement of this medicinal framework. Siddha writing is in Tamil and it is drilled to a great extent in Tamil talking some portion of India and abroad. The Siddha System is to a great extent restorative in nature.

This standards and principles of this framework, both central and applied, have a nearby likeness to Ayurveda, with specialization in Iatro-science. As indicated by this framework the human body is the imitation of the universe as are the nourishment and medications independent of their source.

Like Ayurveda, this framework accepts that all items known to man including human body are made out of five essential components specifically, earth, water, fire, air and sky. The sustenance, which the human body takes and the medications it uses are altogether, made of these five components. The extent of the components present in the medications shift and their prevalence or generally is in charge of specific activities and helpful outcomes.

As in Ayurveda, This framework likewise thinks about the human body as an aggregation of three humors, seven essential tissues and the waste results of the body, for example, dung, pee and sweat. The nourishment is viewed as fundamental structure material of human body which gets prepared into humors, body tissues and waste items. The harmony of humors is considered as wellbeing and its aggravation or lopsidedness prompts malady or infection.

This framework additionally manages the idea of salvation throughout everyday life. The types of this framework think about accomplishment of this state is conceivable by drugs and reflection.

In Siddha framework science had been discovered very much formed into a science assistant to prescription and speculative chemistry. It was discovered valuable in the readiness of medication just as in transmutation of fundamental metals into gold. The learning of plants and mineral were of high request and they were completely familiar with practically every one of the parts of science. The Siddhars were likewise mindful of a few catalytic tasks isolated into a few procedures, for example, calcinations, sublimation, refining, combination, partition combination or blend, congelation, cibation, maturation, magnification for example the activity or procedure of refining gold, obsession for example bringing to the state of being non-unstable for example to the condition of opposing the activity of flame, filtration, cremation of metals, liquifaction, extraction, etc.

Indeed, even cupellation of gold and silver which is a basic procedure in Alchemy wherein is professed to have been found by the Arabs, was known to the Siddhars long some time before.

They were even polypharmacists and thusly were occupied with bubbling, dissolving, accelerating and coagulating concoction substances. A portion of their mystery strategies, particularly those in fixing and merging certain unpredictable substances that couldn’t avoid the activity of flame, for example, Mercury, Sulpher, Orpiment, Vermilion, Arsenic and so on proceed with still a puzzle.

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