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Sages who had tremendous forces, known as 'Siddhars' were the ones who planned the Siddha medication. The resultant prescription was set up after exhaustive research done on herbs, minerals and creatures. The dad of 'Siddham Vaidyam' is Guru Agasthiyar.

There are likewise 18 sages who were the devotees of the primordial Guru Agasthiyar. These sages rendered their insight and experience for the improvement of Siddham Vaidyam hugely. One of the fundamental targets of Siddham is: "Aversion is superior to fix". Pundits contend that Siddha type of medication is a way of thinking based, as opposed to a science based type of prescription that hypothesizes irregular characteristics in three imperative humors to clarify infection.

Nonetheless, Siddha type of Vaidyam isn't simply founded on theory alone yet additionally on INNER EXPERIENTIAL SCIENCE. It is most appropriate for constant infirmities for which much of the time the main drivers. Clogging, Depression, Chronic back torment are a portion of the situations where the treatment is compelling.

Siddha type of medication isn't powerful for diseases caused because of outside elements, for example, organisms. Patients who attempt Siddha type of treatment will be approached to maintain a strategic distance from non veggie lover sustenance, tamarind, tomatoes for a particular timespan of time (till the treatment finishes up). The essential ideas of Siddha prescription are like Ayurveda.

One of the prominent contrasts among Siddha and Ayurveda is that Siddha perceives prevalence of Vaatha, Pittha and Kapha in youth, adulthood and seniority separately. Though, in Ayurveda it is completely turned around: Kapha is overwhelming in youth, Vaata in Oldage and Pittha in Adults.

Present day treatments, for example, Physiotherapy, Panchakarma, Acupressure have developed from Siddha type of prescription. This type of drug centers the physical body; yet in addition on tranquil personality and unadulterated soul. The Siddha doctor not just mends the infection of the patient through a few

Siddha strategies yet in addition gives a confirmation to his brain and appeals to God for the spirit. The Siddha doctor not just recuperates the malady of the patient through a few Siddha methods yet additionally gives an affirmation to his brain and appeals to God for the spirit. Siddha framework involves 32 kinds of inward prescription and 32 sorts of outside meds, which are protected, regular and successful.

Such drugs are gotten from verdure, fauna and other mineral assets of Mother Nature. The first writing of Siddha type of prescription is in Tamil and endeavors should be used by the Government to make an interpretation of it into various dialects for better organization of such medications.

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